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For ADEM to address your complaint adequately, you must provide the information requested below. You are not required to submit your name, address, phone number, or email address.

Once you fill out the form and click submit, you will be given a Complaint # that you can use to track status and progress. Additionally, if you provide an email address in your electronic complaint submission, you will receive an email upon review and activation of the complaint as well as when your concerns have been evaluated/investigated and either a determination regarding validity of the complaint or the Department's ability to address the complaint has been made, or the Department has taken initial action to address the complaint. The Department's eFile page (http://app.adem.alabama.gov/eFile) may be used to view the complaint document(s), and other related documents that may pertain to the facility/site of concern.

Please keep in mind that your complaint will not be available via the main search page, until one of the staff has reviewed it for validity. This make take several days to a week. Keep checking back to see if your complaint has been moved into processing.

Please note:
  • When complaint was observed is required.
  • Description of the complaint is required.
  • Affected environment is required.
  • County is required.

Please describe your complaint in as much detail as possible. Include information about when you first noticed the problem and how often it occurs. State specifically where it is from, if known.

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Please provide as much info as possible on where the problem occurred or has been occurring. It would be beneficial if you included the name and address of the source. If you do not have an address for the complaint site, driving directions beginning at a major intersection will be necessary. Be sure the driving directions are complete. We cannot process a complaint unless we can find the location you are referring to.


NOTE: Latitude/Longitude must be provided in decimal values.
Longitude must be a negative value.
(and any other additional information that you feel would be helpful for us to find the location):

You may attach up to 20 images to your complaint submission. File limitations are as follows:

  • Each file cannot exceed 10MB.
  • Total combined size of all files cannot exceed 200MB.
  • The only files extensions permitted are: .png, .gif, .jpg, and .jpeg.

Note: Any information, including personal information, entered on the website is a public record and may be made available to the public.

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